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When a harmony ball pendant is worn during pregnancy by expecting mothers as a Pregnancy Necklace the chime ball is on a long chain and rests over their 'bump' creating a soft chiming sound with movement that soothes baby in the womb.

HarmonyBall.net.au, an Australian business, offering since 2011 the largest range of Genuine Sterling Silver Harmony Ball Necklace designs, often worn as a Pregnancy Necklace by expecting mothers, many with Genuine Gemstones. Our products are of the highest quality and every Genuine Sterling Silver Harmony Ball is handmade from the highest quality materials by Artisan Silversmiths in Bali, Indonesia.

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Our extensive selection includes many 'Exclusive Unique Designs' as well as our Traditional Balinese Harmony Ball Necklace range. Every Harmony Ball is checked before shipping to ensure it has a beautiful Harmonious Chime sound. All stock is held here in Australia offering speedy delivery.

Informative Articles: Having spent a lot of time in Bali, Indonesia and learning from the local people including the Artisan Silversmiths, we pride ourselves in having expert knowledge of Harmony Balls and we provide a number of very useful and informative articles for our customers referenced in our articles section.

Wearing Pregnancy Necklaces: In addition to wearing the necklace during pregnancy, Pregnancy Necklaces are often worn for a period of time after the birth of the child. The mother will often shorten the necklace so that the harmony ball pendant is situated between her neck and her breasts so that it can be played with by the child whilst breast feeding or the soothing sound of the pregnancy harmony ball emanates as the mother gently rocks her baby to sleep. (refer to this article for more information on 'the Benefits of Wearing a Harmony Ball During and After Pregnancy'. In many cases the harmony ball is passed on from mother to daughter and becomes a treasured family heirloom and hence it is important to buy quality.

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